About Us

We are a high qualified manufacturer of valves specializing in ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, swing check valves, y-strainers, control-Valves, pneumatic valves, electric valves ¡­etc.. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials, and these valves are used widely in Petroleum, Chemical Industry, Electric Station, Food, Printing and Dyeing, Food, Medicines, Metallurgy, Water supply and Drainage system, Municipal Engineering and so on.

We are a professional manufacturer of valves including design, distribution and after-sales service since we founded the 1st factory in Taiwan in 1979.In the early, our company processed machining, assembling, sales, and got the casting from other suppliers, the annual sales is about 1000t.In view of rapid growth in business, our company took an expansion, added equipments, by then the annual sales came to 1500t.
We invested 2500 million USD and established the 2nd factory which takes up about 22000 m2 coverage in china mainland (da bu cheng gui industrial zone sanxiang zhongshan city guangdong province) in 2000, the annual productivity came to 2200t, and the annual sales came to 2000t by then. At the same time, a dragon service which from designed by ourselves, casting, processing, assembling, sales to after-sales service is formed.


We re-invested 3000 million USD and established another bunch factory which takes up 25000 m2 coverage in china mainland in 2004, the annual productivity increased 2000t, then the total annual productivity came to 4200t or above, and the annual sales came to 4000t at the same time.
With the distribution of our products all around the world, we have enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its high quality. As the business growing stability, the demand for products increasing, our company decided to establish the 3rd factory in Thailand in 2009,for the purpose of making the annual productivity reach to 6000t.

As always, our companies have certified ISO9001-2000, TRD100, CE, API 6D and DNV and so on.

Our objective is to be your preferred partner and supplier, we will do our best to offer you the products that are engineered to meet your exacting requirements, deliver on time, and promise to provide better support, to meet the quality standards demanded in today¡¯s business arena.